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The Shop

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010



Open 1-9 PM Monday through Saturday and 1-7 PM on Sundays. Consultation may be required for custom designs or custom piercings. Consultations are free.

A Drivers License, State Issued ID, Passport or Military ID will be required to get a tattoo  Without one we will not tattoo you , NO EXCEPTIONS.

We do pierce minors! You MUST be a legal parent or guardian and have documentation to prove it.

We pierce ears ages 4 and up. All other body piercings, 12 and up, with parental consent. All “private piercings” are for customers age 18 and up only! (we reserve the right to decline piercing any minor for any reason we see fit)

A Drivers License, State Issued ID, Passport, Military ID or birth certificate are required for both the parent AND the minor. Without one we will NOT pierce you , NO EXCEPTIONS.

All of our artists and piercers are certified in blood borne pathogens and disease control. We not only meet city and state guidelines concerning health and public safety, we exceed them. We offer free consultations and will gladly talk with you about our procedures,  what to expect, and any health related concerns you may have.




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